cryptoeconomic design.

We interact in digital worlds, let’s design them properly.

Complex systems engineering

Design choices derived from robust scientific methodologies

Crypto economics

Economic incentives combined with cryptography guarantees trustworthy digital markets

Token design

Use-case specific configuration of token properties and functionalities


Define your economy using mathematical language to properly specify a model of your system


Investigate how the system can develop over time under various parameters and policies


Find policies and incentives that steer activity into the envisaged direction of the economy


Token Engineering Labs is a research, engineering, and consulting boutique that aims to support web3, token and blockchain projects in rigorous design of their system and token applications. We leverage our experience from academicgrade research, tokenproject design, & university and community teaching. Our expertise, in domains such as blockchain ecosystem architecture, tokenized systems, crypto economics, token economies, and complex systems engineering, allows us to work with crypto projects worldwide to help them model, design, and optimize their projects. Our work extends to decentralized applications (dApps), decentralized finance (DeFi), Web3 Gaming, and other types of blockchain protocols. Through the application of our highgrade token engineering & design methodologies, we assist teams to make wellinformed design choices for their projects and help to mitigate risk of system failure.

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Our services.

Applied projects

Depending on the current state of your project, we can work with you in different stages of the process (i.e. ideation, formal specification, and design of your ecosystem):

1. Define the ecosystem and its purpose, goals, and requirements. Make initial specifications of mechanisms, define system policies and token flows.

2. Build a digital twin of your system that can be used for monitoring and developing the ecosystem with data-driven decision making - supporting the introduction of new mechanisms and parameters.


Not sure where to start? Want to educate your team? We got you!

Projects looking for knowledge or a soft start to an applied research project, we host workshops tailored to the need of the team. We can help with:

- Ideation
- Conceptualization
- Scoping
- Strategy
- Consulting

We draw from rigorous
scientific methods

based on state of the art research in economics, engineering and mathematics


Cryptoeconomics is an interdisciplinary domain that addresses the alignment of individual incentives with community goals, over time in a digital, decentralized economic system. Mechanisms dictate the rules of the game on the microscopic level, policies and incentives institutionalize behavioral patterns on the meso level and emergent system properties as well as desired system goals are manifestations of aggregations of individual actions on the macroscopic level.

Complex Systems Engineering is the applied methodology of Cryptoeconomics which provides the appropriate toolkit for modeling, design, simulation, and control of digital ecosystems. The engineering approach enables a full life cycle perspective with adequate focus on specification, maintenance and governance. Based on tailored research design and selected modeling and simulation techniques it equips system architects and stakeholders with the required information to be able to make sound and educated decisions.

Token Engineering is the subdiscipline of Complex Systems Engineering that focuses on the development of tokenized ecosystems based on blockchain technology. In cryptoeconomic systems, the token serves the role of digital rights which can facilitate a variety of use cases at the intersection of the physical and the digital world. A token can represent rights of ownership of assets or access rights to digital or physical infrastructure. This opens the door for a great spectrum of possible applications in economics, decentralized finance, asset tokenization and decentralized organizations.

Discovery phase

In the discovery phase we aim to describe the main components of the system and their interrelations through the creation of: graphs, visuals, taxonomies, glossaries, collations of research questions, and system maps. A principal part of this phase will be definition of business and technical requirements of the ecosystem.

Design phase

In the design phase we create mathematical specifications (generic or specific), state space representations, technical formalism documents, analytical proofs and derivations, mechanism design specifications and differential specifications of the system.

Deployment phase

In the deployment phase, we write sourcecode to create a simulation program that implements the results of: verifications and validation tests, experiment definitions and setups, testcase definitions, simulation results, parameter selections and policy recommendations.

Meet the team!

On our team, we assemble token engineering experts and crypto pioneers with experts within other disciplines working at the forefront of DeFi, Web3 Gaming and other dApps and Protocols.

Peter Hacker


Token Engineer

Economics, Mathematics, Data Analytics, Business Strategy

 Passionate about advancing the field of token engineering through #OpenScience

Julian Machado


& Token Engineer

Economics, Social Sciences,  Process Management, Business Information Systems.

 Passionate about cryptoeconomic markets and token design

Kris Paruch


& Token Engineer

Mathematics, Economics, Engineering, Cryptoeconomics

Passionate about designing and optimizing robust Cryptoeconomic Systems

Julia Redgård


& Token Engineer

Business, Economics, Sustainability, IT, Management Science

 Passionate about innovative business models, token engineering and the world of web3 .

Let's design together.

We facilitate applied-research projects and workshops. The scope, contents and time plans can be customized to the needs, priorities and timelines of your project. Reach out to us and we will come up with a plan.

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